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Game Improvement Profiles

ClubLink Academy Game Improvement Profiles focus on golfers who have substantially improved their games, sharing their stories and their coaches’ perspectives so that we can learn the secrets of their success.

The Player: Jayanti Davda, Mississauga

Jayanti Davda and his long-time coach Carrie Vaughan celebrate his first career hole-in-one scored earlier this season.

Jon Weinmaster

Jon Weinmaster can relate to Ian Baker-Finch, who won the 1991 Open Championship, decided to refine his game only to lose it.

Brian Giandomenico

By 2012, Brian Giandomenico was frustrated. Despite his attempts to get better, he had been stuck around a 10 index for a few years and feared he was getting worse. He started with instructor Alf Callowhill in the summer of 2013. He worked hard but he didn’t believe he was getting better and became disappointed. Setbacks often derail efforts to change, but Brian kept working—and succeeded.